Retail Solution

Connect Your Stores online realtime, sale and manage stocks
  • Inventory Management
  • Sales and Purchase
  • Payment Acceptance
  • Access Anywhere 24/7
  • Online and Mobile Order
  • Robust reporting and Analystical system
  • Customizable
  • Direct Integration with a Point of Sale device (optional)
  • Ability to save data in cloud when using offline soluiton by the click of a button.
  • Create multiple users and stores 
  • Manage users and stores from a single application
​​​​Our Retail Solution is robust and flexible, it allow you manage you stock online real time and also accept multiple payments options ranging from tradiotnal payments like POS to Digital payments and mobile payments. this solution also allows you to manage your stock through out mobile application online real time.

We also deploy offline version for store who will not want to go on the cloud, but this also gives you the oppotunity to upload and store your data on the cloud on a daily basis.​​

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ShopMe App
Facebook Messenger Based ChatBoT for online shopping 
Our Chat-BOT bassed app allows you to showcase your products online immediately you sign up on our retail solution, this automatically gives you access to our clients and direct and targeted marketing depending on your location and also enables customers to pay you online using our integrated payment engine
Agent Banking

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On our Agent Banking Platform you can perform the following;
  • Cash Withdrawal
  • Cash transfers and Deposits
  • Airtime topup
  • Bills Payments
  • Mobile Money 
  • Open a Bank Account
  • Pension, Insurance & loans Services -coming soon
  • ​USSD coming soon

We are covering Africa and its communities with financial services using our agent banking suite, enabeling communities to connect and do financial transactitons with ease and flexibility. Click here                 to become and Agent 
Connect Your Business Online
Do alreasy have an online presence? then connect to our payment platform and begin accepting payments online from all over the world
  • Easy setup
  • 24/7 Support
  • Secure - PCI Compliant
  • flexible and direct to account settlement
  • Offline payment Payements available
  • Disbursement directly from your waellets
The easiest way to accept payments 
globally directly from bank accounts cards, mobile money, wallets.

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